The Singles Series: It’s Better Not To Care

Transparent recording process reveals all.

In the midst of yearning for someone who doesn’t feel the same about you, who of us hasn’t wished that they’d have played it a bit cooler? Stayed aloof. Given less. Kept your stock high in the eyes of someone you wish would love you back? Good luck with that.

What does it mean that the trapeze bracket of my 50 year-old guitar broke right after recording this track?
broken Gibson 125

Here’s a listing for the entire collection of my “Singles Series” blog posts.

Written with Shelly Peiken.


    u keep that saying you’ll call but
    I’m not even on your shortlist
    If I told you you’d ignore me..this I know
    The truth is that I’m petrified
    You’re gonna go and pass me by
    And drag my poor heart with you when you go

    I spend too much time
    Wondering why
    All in love’s not fair
    Shoulda seen signs
    So many signs
    Sayin that we never had a prayer
    I spend all my time
    building those castles in the air
    Come to the conclusion
    It’s better not to care

    I’d make every day your birthday
    And sing you songs on Sunday
    And cook romantic dinners by the sea
    If you’d only put those books down
    Stop telling me the world’s round
    Lift your eyes and notice me


    Then I’d be someone who can flip a heart switch
    Turn it on and turn it off so easy
    Someone who can resist the urge
    To jump in when he feels it so completely

    Well I guess I’ll let you go
    It’s getting late and you have no idea
    I don’t wanna go through this again
    Maybe we’re just better off as friends

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