Hollywood Reporter Exclusive: Sally Kirkland to Star in Brent Roske Feature

Wisely Collaborator Lands Oscar Nominated Actress.

Roske directs Kara Monaco & Wisely in Stayin' Home Again. Photo: Chuck Bowman

Roske directs Kara Monaco & Wisely in "Stayin' Home Again". Photo: Chuck Bowman

Wonderful news! An exclusive in the Hollywood Reporter announced Wednesday that director/writer Brent Roske booked Oscar nominee/Golden Globe winner Sally Kirkland to star in his next feature Alice Stands Up. Production begins in March on the $1m film, which Roske wrote specifically for the actress after directing her in 2011’s Oscar-qualified short African Chelsea.

Heavy weight Shane Stanley (The Gridiron Gang), one of the films producers, has high expectations for the project and says that the subject matter is perfect given the current state of the economy.

Roske’s work as a producer, director, DP and documentarian is responsible for the lion’s share of my visual output over the years. So, I called him and said, “Dooooooooooooood, This is huge!”  Then, trying to get in on the action I added, “Let me PA on the shoot”. Realistically, I don’t think he’ll hire me. He knows I don’t own any cargo pants. Dang!

Starting back in 2001 Roske booked me for a role in his trippy feature Playground Girls. There will probably never be another director who will allow me to urinate in the shrubs––with camera rolling. As Ms. Kirkland puts it, “he’s an actor’s director.”

Check out a small sampling of our work together below. I will continue to closely track this exciting Stand Up Alice success story. Here’s a link to the full article.

Stayin’ Home Again

Through Any Window (live)

Drink Up (Japanese Tour Vlog)

Cracked World View

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