Wisely’s Long-Lost “Gospo Feel” Album Finally Sees The Light After 21 Years

“Gospo Feel” finally sees the light today, released 21 years after it’s recording. All randy and chemical from several years of incessant touring, we booked time at The Terrarium studio in Minneapolis, ready to lay down our best road-tested material. But band turmoil and the pressure to top our award-winning debut album from the year prior, would derail it all. Everything we recorded was canned, master tapes went missing as years passed, forgotten and unheard… until now. Stream or buy the download via the player.

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Gospo Feel Vintage Collector CardCollector Album Cards-Gospo Feel back

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2 responses to “Wisely’s Long-Lost “Gospo Feel” Album Finally Sees The Light After 21 Years”

  1. 'Bout Time Mr. Wisely!
    Eric from Kinkos

  2. Eric, darnit, I knew I forgot to thank someone in the liner notes: YOU!

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