the john cheever inspired ‘no room’ by theloverthekeeper

“but i awoke at three, feeling terribly sad, and feeling rebelliously that i didn’t want to study sadness, madness, melancholy, and despair. i wanted to study triumphs, the rediscoveries of love, all that i know in the world to be decent, radiant, and clear. then the word “love”, the impulse to love, welled up in me somewhere above my middle. love seemed to flow from me in all directions, abundant as water…”
― john cheever

from the debut EP ‘people like you should never be alone too long’.

audio producer john fields
video director: peter himmelstein
cinematographer: frank mcdonough
consulting editor: benno nelson
made in los angeles, california for ella-USA

if there’s no room here for you
there’s no room here for me
fingers crossed when I call your bluff
you will choose to be the way you once were
when you opened up to me

how long can mischief last
when the debts keep creeping in
you didn’t appear to have a care
when we first met skin to skin and I wore that sequin dress
you saw I was fabulous

no room…

projected on the wall
a picture without sound
what’s left of us colored dust
a reel of film unwound but there’s no room here
so don’t even try to call

no room…

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