The Singles Series: “Sutures Loose [acoustic demo]“

Transparent recording process reveals all.

Turning on to Ryan Adams hit me like a thunder bolt. In admiration of how prolific an artist he is, and how wonderfully nonchalant nearly all his work tends to be, I wrote this one as quickly and decisively as possible. No second guessing, or thinking too much about what the listener might want to hear. This was for me – a selfish song – with an epicurean conceit.

Soon adding flute, harmonica, piano, electric guitars and maybe more backing vocals. Stay ‘tooned’.

Willie Wisely: vocals, guitar
John Fields: drums
Photo: Norman Madrid

Here’s a list of all my “Singles Series” blog posts.


    INTRO ::
    | G | G * Bƒ A- | G | G * Bƒ A- |

    VERSE ::
    | G | B- A- | G | F D/F# |
    | G | B- A- | A- C | G |

    CHORUS ::
    | C G | B7 | C G | B7 |
    | C G | B7 E- | A- C |

    | C | C * B- A- | G | G * F D/F# |
    | C | C | A- C | G | G |

    BRIDGE 02 VOCAL ::
    | C G | B7 E- | C G | B7 |
    | C G | B7 E- | C | C | C | C D |

    | G | B- A- | G | F D/F# |
    | G {stop on 3, grand pause, wait for cue}|

    CODA ::
    | A- C | A- Cdim7 |

    FORM ::
    BRIDGE 01
    BRIDGE 02

    LYRICS ::
    I never get my fun with a girl who couldn’t rough it
    Posing in bed like she’s selling perfume
    Life is full of pain and she’s got to rise above it
    My future shouldn’t swing from a noose

    Keep my sutures (loose)
    Keepin’ it (cool)
    To this I will be true
    Keep my sutures loose

    Lots of love don’t come when you really really need it
    Lots never came in my early career
    I hate my rock and roll when I know where it’s going
    I’m keeping our sutures loose

    Keep my sutures (loose)
    Keepin’ it (cool)
    To this I will be true
    Keep my sutures loose


    Give me something weird
    Kind of thirsty on destruction
    All I want is some flesh on the bone
    Don’t fill my ears with the should of, could of, would ofs
    Let’s bring our future home
    Our home is the great unknown

    You’ll never get your fun if you’re too afraid to rough it
    I’m partial to the dreamers, and that’s the hard truth
    Life is full of pain, HEY! let’s rise above it

    Keep our sutures (loose)
    Keepin’ it (cool)
    To this I will be true
    Let’s keep my sutures loose
    Talk about the future loose
    Let’s keep our sutures loose

ringer t-shirt tee. blue sky, wings, Saranac

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One response to “The Singles Series: “Sutures Loose [acoustic demo]“”

  1. Kerith Spencer-Shapiro says:

    Sounds great, Willie!

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